Sunday, August 24, 2008

The games have come to a close. This provides a detailed summary of the highlights of the closing ceremony. Spectacular sights, however once the official part of the closing ceremony was over, the quality of the music, songs and singers to try to entertain the crowd left a lot to be desired and was basically chaotic and disappointing, in my opinion.

Becks was there promoting the London games in 2012. Jackie chan only got a few seconds of airtime....

The London metamorphisizing bus was great.

Au revoir Beijing, till London for the next instalment of the Olympic games.

For those who feel Olympic withdrawal syndrome, you can relieve the symptoms by listening to the uplifting medal ceremony theme.

Caught replay of the 9th inning where Republic of Korea beat Cuba 3-2 off a pitch from relief pitcher, which saw two cuban outs on first and second bases. Cuba had ROK on the ropes, with bases loaded, and the umpire clearly making dodgy calls on balls v strikes. ROK catcher was ejected for arguing with the umpire on this issue. Luckily justice was done.

France wins final gold medal 302th of the Beijing Olympic games

France has beaten Iceland 28-23 in the men's handball gold medal match to win the last gold medal to be awarded at the Beijing Olympics.
They are showing all the team finals on TV right now, ahead of the Olympics closing ceremony tonight. Will do a round up of the team sports later.

Saw the replay last night when 'Aussie diving hero Matthew Mitcham upset the form books to dive a 112 point last gasp dive to beat the fancied Chinese diver in the 10m platform event. This torpedoed the Chinese clean sweep of gold in all 8 diving events. Wel done to a new hero for Oz, he became the first male individual diving gold medalist in diving since 1924 for Australia.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Opals (Australian women's basketball team) are playing arch enemies the US in the gold medal match now. Hopefully the world champs can winl.

Update: Opals have lost 92-65, outclassed and out witted by the US tactics. This is the fourth time in a row the US wins gold and the Aussies the silver in the last 4 Olympic games.
Meanwhile, the men's redeem team beat Spain in a close one 108-107 for the gold medal.

On the last night of the athletics:
Gold for Norway in men's javelin, as Thorkildsen defends his Athens gold medal with a breat throw of 90.57m, a new Olympic record. The mythical Thor wouldn't throw his hammer any further...
Sweep in mens and women's 4X400m relay races for the USA.
30 year old Tia Hellebaut, a Belgian jumped 5cm above her best for the year 2008 to beat fancied top ranked Croatian jumper for the women's high jump gold medal.
Kenya takes 2 golds in 800m(Bangei) 1500m women's race(Nancy Jebet Langat).
Ethiophia's Kenenisa won gold in the 5000m final.